Here I've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions by you guys. Don't be afraid to ask me anything if you have questions! Better one question to many than to little.




What should we wear?

I have an online what-to-wear guide + posing guide and I will send them to you! It's included in every shoot.

I'm so nervous for the shoot, what should I do?

You have seriously nothing to worry about. It's my job to make you feel comfortable and I can promise that you'll be totally comfortable with me. My best advice is to be yourself and wear your smile :)

How many photos do you include?

It varies from different packages, but I promise I’ll always include plenty of images of everything I capture. I will not withold any photos from you and can assure you that you'll have more than enough. I never hold on to any photos that are good but instead I'll give all of them to you.

Do you shoot other stuff than weddings, engagements etc?

Yes I do! This website is mainly focusing on the loveydove part that's why, but I shoot families, maternity, interior, design, business, fashion and lifestyle. Inquire for more questions about that!

When will we get our photos delivered?

I work fast as I'm also doing a very professional job with every photo. It'll take me around 5 weeks at the most for weddings and 3 weeks for engagement/couples shoots, but it could definitely go faster than that!

How does the payment work?

I take 20 % when booking, to secure your place in my calendar. Than I'll send you an invoice two weeks before the shoot! If you have any questions about pricing, just ask!