A big part of who I am is what I believe in and  my purpose in doing this. So let’s get real for a second. I want you to know my heart:

I believe in being your right hand and best friend as well as the most natural third wheel you’ll ever experience. I might end up cuddling you both in the mid of a session into the next second where you won’t even notice I’m there and it’s just you and your love creating magic infront of my lens.

I’ll buy you coffee if you’re low on sleep and I’ll fix your dress if the seem cracked. More than your photographer, I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carrying your dress, I’ll whisper encouraging words for the both of you if you lack confidence. I’ll do whatever it takes for you two to feel loved.

I believe in creating a memorable experience. If it’s your wedding day, engagement or you simply want to capture your love for no other reason than that. It’s not just another photoshoot for me but an actual memorable experience that you’ll be able to hold on to forever.

I will make sure to give you every photo that matters. People have told me I look like a ninja when I shoot ceremonies, which basically means that I’m barely noticeable and efficient enough to capture everything that you want captured.